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These tracks were recorded live in the studio on April 10, 2010, and should be regarded as demos. The Inglorious Mustard Boys are just too busy or lazy to do something more professional.

The band features Jörg Hoffmann on drums, Mauricio Araya on bass, Asterios Toutios on vocals, and Nikos Vlassopoulos on guitars. They are based at Nancy, France.


released March 7, 2011



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The Inglorious Mustard Boys Nancy, France

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Track Name: From the Beginning
(From the beginning)

And so we were good friends, so what?
And so we had good times, so what?
That was a long time ago.
And you're not here, you know.

I don't mind what you say
I can't listen, anyway
Don't pretend it's not fair
Look around, I'm not there

And so we were happy, so what?
And so that was something, so what?
It was a long time ago.
And I'm fine here, you know.

I don't mind what you think.
If you're high or if you sink.
I don't know if I care
Look around, I'm not there.
Track Name: Tequila
(...and I'm drinking...)

Beer is fine, but never enough
To make me forget all that stuff
Stuff that I know, and stuff that I don't
Stuff I will do, and stuff I will not

I need tequila

And maybe you are also somewhere there
And maybe you've been looking everywhere
For something funny, something warm
Something clever, something strong

Buy some tequila

And maybe over glasses we shall meet
And something will become out of this shit
And all the things that block our minds won't matter
We'll just wear happy faces for each other

Let's have tequila
Track Name: Ouverture, Fenêtre, Bureau
C'est dix-neuf heures
Already rather dark
And still I'm doing research
And still I'm coding hard

C'est dix-neuf heures
Assistants work no more
Can't finalize my paper
It's getting really long

I know it snowed
I know it's very cold
But still I wanna smoke
Yeah, I do wanna smoke

But I forgot my card
And maybe I'll get locked
It can't be all that bad
To leave an open door

Ouverture, fenêtre, bureau

Is this in my head?
What is going on?
Sounding out of nowhere
Ouverture, fenêtre, bureau

I thought it was your voice
I thought I was back home
But well, it isn't quite so
Just need to close the door

Am I doing wrong?
Was I so much blind?
Never letting you know
Leaving you behind?

And isn't it quite funny
To put you in this song
When all I wanted was to scream
Ouverture, fenêtre, bureau?

Ouverture, fenêtre, bureau

Tous les jours c'est...